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Danish green card is now easy with us

It is possible to get residence permit under the Denmark green card scheme which allows international skilled workers to live and work in Denmark. If the skilled worker has residence permit under the green card scheme, does not give the right to work as self employed person but does not require a work permit to work under a company. The Danish Green card is issued based on the evaluation using the points based system where the individuals is required to meet certain criteria to obtain Denmark green card. This is an excellent opportunity for all the international skilled workers to make their best career and settle in EU. Opulentus helps its clients to process their Demark application process.

If you score minimum of 100 points based on the criteria such as

  1. Age
  2. Language
  3. Work experience
  4. Education
  5. Adaptability

Then you can obtain residence permit up to 18 months, which will also allow you to get your family along.

Along with the scoring points, you must have a proof of your health insurance and must be able to handle yourself and your family while you are in search of your work.

You will be granted Danish green card as soon as you find a job. This scheme is the best and fastest way for all the qualified skilled workers to settle Demark or any other EU country.

Features of Danish green card:

  1. Under this scheme the applicant will be granted temporary residence permit and can be extended later
  2. Residence permit can be extended if you have worked for at least minimum of 12 months and 10 hours a week
  3. Migration to Demark under green scheme offers a person to get permanent residence within 7 years entire EU
  4. Danish green card holders are allowed to get their dependent family to Denmark and get permanent residence and the family can enjoy the same rights
  5. The green card holder is allowed to travel freely in the entire EU

Danish immigration requirements:

  1. Danish green card
  2. Positive list
  3. Pay limit scheme

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