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Do you all know that Denmark witnesses at least eight million visitors every year? Apart from tourist destination, it is also an amazing place to work and settle given the low cost of living and good employment opportunities. To work in Denmark, the prospective immigrant needs to apply for Denmark Green Card also referred to as Danish GC.

Professions in demand:

Denmark is in acute shortage of skilled professionals especially in the following areas
- Medical (doctor and nurse)
- Accent training
- Technical
- Hotel industry
If you belong to any of these professions, you can directly visit Opulentus as we are experts in handling Danish Green Card.

Benefits of Danish Green Card:

A Danish Green Card holder will be given a three-year work permit after which he/she can renew his/her stay for a period of four year. The processing time for Danish Green Card would take around four months. While you need a job to apply for Danish GC, you can go to Denmark even without a job on Danish Visum. If you want to know more about Danish Visum, do approach Opulentus today.
Some of the key benefits of Danish Green Card include
- Danish GC holders have the provision to renew their stay for another four years
- After seven years of stay, GC holders can apply for permanent residency
- All the benefits enjoyed by DC holders will be applicable to their dependants as well
- They can roam Schengen countries without visa

Danish GC eligibility and Opulentus support:

Danish Green Card is allotted on points based system. A prospective immigrant should have at least 100 points to get this visa. Also, these points depends from country to country. For a degree in India thats equivalent to Denmark two-year course, you will be given 30 points. Similarly, various points will be allotted based on work experience etc. As the entire process can be tricky, you are advised to approach Opulentus today to get Danish Green Card.

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